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  • Each person should be literate
  • To work life long for other’s
  • The Common Man NGO
  • Development of Society
  • To Remove Illiteracy
  • Continuous Learning Opportunities
  • Fight Against Drug Addiction
  • Betterment of Society
  • Continuous Learning Opportunities

Our Values

We pursue excellence in whatever we do.

We practice honesty and transparency in our actions under all circumstances.

Respect for the Individual
We value every individual who we work with and for - nurturing an inclusive and trusting culture.

Innovation and Continuous Learning
We foster a culture of innovation and learning to continuously respond to the changing social and livelihood needs.

Collaboration and Teamwork
We seek to collaborate and work together with all stakeholders to enhance value of all that we deliver.

We believe that we must make every rupee spent count for the larger mission and practice frugality as a way of life.